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Long Live McQueen (3/16/1969- 2/11/2010)

When I heard the news that Alexander McQueen died, I thought it was a joke. Before I found out at work, I took a bathroom break, looked in the mirror to compose myself. The day had started out nervewracking due to a project that I spent 9 hours working on, to relief, and distress when shit just refused to go right. I was happy again until I was told he died. Shock and a deep feeling of sadness set in. I didn't know the man, but it was one of my hopes and dreams that I would meet him. I've never really had a list of celebrities I wanted to meet, but when it comes to artists and designers, I could name off the ones I wanted to meet in no time. McQueen was really high up on the list. And now he's dead. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

There go my inspirations, one by one. To me, the man is a genius and his ideas will aways influence me. His work is dark, mysterious, ethereal, and enchanting. The man could and did make even misery look beautiful. There are not many people whose work I come back to time and time again, But here was one creative power that really spoke to me. Lives may be lost but memories live. Of all things, I hope he is in a happier place than he was here. Life is not always a walk in the park.

These collections have been the most impactful on me. The themes, the music, the clothes are just...amazing. RIP MR. LEE MCQUEEN.
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I don't believe meteorologists anymore. They say the weather is gonna be one way, that we're gonna get 20 inches of snow or a super nice day. Then they let you down. Today was supposed to be nice but it rained like crazy. The wind was so strong that I couldn't cross the street without swaying to the side. I was in the best mood though for some strange reason and I couldn't stop smiling like a cheeseball. Then I kinda danced around in the rain,too. It's a nice change from all the stupid school and life stress though. Almost everything and everyone had been irritating me up til that moment. It's true, music makes everthing better. In this case, rain too.
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I have a secret guilty pleasure. Actually, it's not a secret anymore but I actually like watching Jersey Shore. I don't typically watch tv anymore but I'll actually take the time to watch a couple shows online. JS is one. Before I watched it, I was super skeptical and said "this show is going to be crap". Don't get me wrong, it is; it's trashy, tanned, and full of drama...but no doubt, it's entertaining. And hilarious. Anddddd Pauly D is not that bad, minus the hair cut. Anyway, this Michael Cera + Jersey Shore Cast is hilarious. Michael Cera is the best geek ever.

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Nagi Noda

It's late at night and I should totally be doing homework but I came across someone pretty fucking awesome while slacking off. Her name is Nagi Noda(died September 2008-booooo) and according to her biography, she was a music video/ tv commercial director, CD jacket designer, multi-disciplinary artist, and recent fashion designer- talk about multitasking! Anyway this woman was and still is amazing but I'll let the pictures and artwork speak for themselves. It's definitely strange but in a really good way. Check out her work at NagiNoda.com

I want all the hair hats:

More of her work...
This is just a sampling of her work; it would take me a week to add all of her artwork, hence the site
Source: Nagi Noda
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Zombie Love

Soooo disappointed right now. See these macabre beauties? I've been looking for them online at a decent(cheap) price. I finally found them at the Iron Fist online shop.I was going to buy them when I got my paycheck but checked the website again later and my size was gone. SHIT! I guess when an opportunity appears, or in my case, zombie heels, you seize them before they're gone. For now, I'll track the website like a hawk in the sky and grab them when they show up again.
Also, I love zombies. But that might be obvious.
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Decade of Fashion



Man, Fashion really changes quite a bit over the years. From 2000 to 2009, everything is different;the hair, the jewelry and everything. There's a nice little collection of some of the top fashion shows from 2000 to 2009 on youtube. Plus for the remixed tracks- It's like one extended runway show. Find the in-betweens at FashionTV.
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Winter, Go Away

Come winter, my fashion sense deteriorates into nothingness. I dress for warmth instead of visual effect. That means whatever sweater I can dig up along with a couple of shirts and a scarf. The solution to not freezing my ass off in crummy Boston weather? A warm but cute coat. And funtional boots. Is it just me or are most winter boots just ugly?

Coat inspiration:

Pictures are from Various sources: Style Bubble, Facehunter, Missoni, Style.com, The Sartorialist, Jak and Jill - if I'm missing anybody, let me know! Keeping track of sources is hard, especially when you have 950+ inspiration pics saved in random order.